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Coalition Member Story: Diane Camarata


W asked members of the Coalition to write in about why they support All Aboard Florida.  Coalition Member Diane Camarata wrote:

I worked in the northeast corridor for many years, moved to Florida in 1998 and worked from Miami to West Palm Beach. Way back then we had two trains that went to Tampa, and two that stopped at Orlando. We stopped one of those trains and had only one that stopped at Tampa. That one train was always full, riders had to sit in the lounge car because we were out of seats. If anyone thinks there is no market for train service to Orlando and Tampa, you are very wrong My husband worked for Tri-rail and he always said there

were dozens of buses at the Miami stop just for Orlando. These were for international visitors and I would be much more comfortable on a train than a bus.Just an observation from a working stiff. They never ask our opinions, yet we are on the front lines.

-Diane Camarata, Medley, FL

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